Welcome to WildBoar’s Kitchen!  We are privileged to share with you our passion for good food, and our quest to bring our delicious scones, breads, preserves, soups, pickles and tarts to the Northern Virginia area.  We strive to create the tastiest food we can, and avoid using stabilizers and preservatives.  We also do our best to support the farmers who sell produce and dairy products at our local farmers markets, and we hope to join them soon with a booth where we can sell our freshly-prepared foods.

But WildBoar's Kitchen was not built just to make prepared foods to sell to others.  It came about from a deep-seated desire to gather friends and family together in order to expand our cooking knowledge, learn new techniques and celebrate life with great meals enjoyed with those who mean the most to us.  We strongly encourage you to set up a monthly cooking/ dinner club with your friends, bring back the Sunday family dinner tradition, and just plain enjoy spending some time in the kitchen.

We also strive to support the artisans who still hand make and service quality kitchenware, and are happy to introduce you to some of these wonderful people.  Please visit the “Our Friends” page to meet some of the knife makers, knife restorers/ sharpeners, cutting board makers, knife roll makers and wood suppliers who provide goods and services that make working in home and professional kitchens even more of a pleasure.



**  THANK YOU  for visiting us at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show in

Washington, DC on November 2 and 3, 2013  **

Besides serving up samples of lemon-black pepper biscotti and almond/ cinnamon cantuccini, we displayed a wonderful collection of handmade knives and spoons, a handmade leather knife roll, and turned wood plates and segmented turned wood vases and bowls.  And we were joined by The BoardSMITH, who displayed his beautiful handmade end grain wood cutting boards and lazy susans.  Below are some

pictures from the show, plus close-ups taken at home of some of the beautiful products were we displaying, plus photos from the 2012 show.  If you have any questions about any of the items, please send us an email or contact the maker directly (see the "Our Friends" page).

Thanks again, and we hope to see you all in 2014!

Behold the 2013 booth!

Front view of 2013 booth

Right corner view of 2013 booth

Some of BoardSMITH's amazing cutting boards and lazy susans

Welcome Kitchen Knife Forum members! To those of you who were able to stop by, thanks!

Ah, the knives. Rodrigue, Haas, Ealy and Harners were on display, as well as a beautiful walnut base for DMT plates from Marko Tsourkan

Mainly Harners in this photo, plus one of Steve Goodson's exquisite leather knife rolls.

Takes your breath away, doesn't it?

Lots of very, very cool customs were on display, including a neck knife and a folder from Randy Haas

Marko Tsourkan's walnut base and an expense of beautiful Harner knives!

The turned wood plates are a perfect match for use with razor-sharp steak knives. Contact BoardSMITH; the artisan Mike Davis is one of his friends

The exquisite segmented turned wood bowls and urns were made by another of BoardSMITH's friends -- Charlie Stickney

The segmented turned wood urns were a perfect match for BoardSMITH's cutting boards

truly works of art!

Welcome to the debut of WildBoar's Kitchen! (2012 Show)

Booth Overview. Looks sharp, eh? (2012 Show)

David Smith (aka The BoardSMITH) and some of his beautiful cutting boards and lazy susans (2012 Show)

It was crowded on Saturday! (2012 Show)

Some of Butch Harner's work. Taken before the transport sheaths were removed from some of his knives :-( (2012 Show)

Butch's 'Tuna Sword' plus knives from Pierre Rodrigue and Randy Haas (2012 Show)

Knives from Randy Haas, jewlery from Lisa Slater-Haas and a bunch of cool stuff from Delbert Ealy (2012 Show)

Del's assortment of goodies and Steve Goodson's beautiful leather knife roll (2012 Show)

Butch's 'Tuna Sword' -- it was an eye-catcher! (and it is still for sale!) (2012 Show)

Close-up of Tuna Sword. It has a Japanese-style grind (single-bevel with hollow-ground back) (2012 Show)

Delbert Ealy makes knives, damascus steel and more! (2012 Show)

The two damascus wedding bands. Del can turn rings around quickly -- give him a call! (2012 Show)

Close up of a damascus wedding band -- it's enough to make you want to get married again! (even though you swore you never would ;-) ) (2012 Show)

Del's stainless steel paring knife. He produces batches of these every now and then; call and get on his list. (2012 Show)

Close-up of the two Ealy stainless steel damascus spoons we had on display. They, ahem, belong to Mrs. WildBoar (2012 Show)

Beautiful damascus made by Del (2012 Show)

Another pic. Del not only makes knives, but sells his damascus to other knife makers. (2012 Show)

Trio of beautiful necklaces handmade by Lisa Slater-Haas (2012 Show)

Sorry folks, this beauty was sold before the Show! (2012 Show)

But this beauty is still available. It will make a wonderful Christmas present (2012 Show)

This necklace was made from some of Randy Jr's damascus. There are a ton of steel layers! (2012 Show)

<sigh> Randy and Randy Jr. elevate knives to an art form. (2012 Show)

Randy's infamous Tsunami slicing knife (2012 Show)

It's all in the details... Note the carved pins. (2012 Show)

And the carved spine -- with the breaking wave pattern. (2012 Show)

Even got the waves in the carved pins (2012 Show)

The wave pattern Randy Jr. forged is just, well, sick! (2012 Show)

And yes, that is some legal ivory at the end cap. HHH has a lot of connections! (2012 Show)

What a beautiful inlaid wood box! (2012 Show)

I would be happy with this, even if it's empty... (2012 Show)

But it is not empty! Behold the Galaxy/ Meteorite Knife!!!! Yep, iron from a meteorite slab was melted down and used in the damascus. (2012 Show)

Nice damascus used for the bolster... (2012 Show)

<sigh> ...sorry folks, like the other two knives we showed from HHH, this one has an owner already... (2012 Show)

...a very lucky owner! (2012 Show)

It's just beautiful (2012 Show)

And Randy Jr. knocked the damascus out of the park (2012 Show)

HHH's Sgian Dubh -- actually one of a family of 4 (2012 Show)

Once again, the detailing is breathtaking! (2012 Show)

Randy Jr's basketweave damascus is world-class (2012 Show)

And Randy Sr. is just at another level when it comes to aesthetics. (2012 Show)

A wonderful trio from Pierre Rodrigue. This set lives in WildBoar's den! (2012 Show)

The parer and utility are stainless steel (CPM154) w/ hybrid-style handles (2012 Show)

The carving knife (top) is O1 carbon steel. Note the cool patina :-) (2012 Show)

Yeah, these knives are great. Pierre makes some elegant knives! (2012 Show)

Steve Goodson's beautiful custom leather knife roll (2012 Show)

Steve only uses rivets -- no sewn seams here. (2012 Show)

He can make them as big or small as you need. A seond row can be added for smaller tools. (2012 Show)

Yeah, that's nice. (2012 Show)

The copper bar is used to keep the shape (2012 Show)

Steve puts a nice patina on the copper, and secures it with rivets (2012 Show)

Steve's leatherworking skills allow as much or as little adornment on the strap as you want. Get it personalized! (2012 Show)

It's all in the details... (2012 Show)

Order a knife roll from Steve for yourself, or for the cook in your life! (2012 Show)

A nice maple cutting board from The BoardSMITH. The boards ranged from simple/ understated to countertop jewlery! (2012 Show)

David proudly puts his company name on every board where is cannot be missed. His boards are truly top-notch! (2012 Show)

We were really happy with how well our t-shirts turned out. (2012 Show)

This is what you see comin' atcha... (2012 Show)

...and this is what you see when we've gone by. Track us down again next year -- we look forward to seeing you! (2012 Show)



To contact us:

Email: cinghiale at wildboarskitchen dot com