Please take a few minutes to read about some friends who devote their lives to making the time we spend in the kitchen even more enjoyable.  These guys understand how proud we accomplished home cooks and professionals are of the dishes we create, and they are equally as proud of the products they handcraft and the services they provide.  Their businesses exist to make our lives better, and they are keeping alive traditions that have largely been lost in the US:

The Cutting Board Maker:

The BoardSMITH


The Knifemakers:

Delbert Ealy Knives

Butch Harner Knives

HHH Custom Knives

Pierre Rodrigue Knives

Tsourkan Knives

The Knife Roll Maker/ Leatherworker:

Steve Goodson—Leatherworker


The Place Where All The Kitchen Knife-Crazy Cooks Hang Out:

Kitchen Knife Forums




Please check out the Photo Gallery on our Home Page to see pictures of our booth from the 2012 and 2013 MetroCooking DC shows and close-ups of the many wonderful handcrafted-products we had on display at those shows.  At the 2013 show we had a wonderful collection of some of the best custom kitchen knives ever made by North American knifemakers, as well as mokume wedding bands, damascus spoons, knife rolls, turned wood plates, segmented wood turnings and, of course, The BoardSMITH's beautiful lazy susans end grain wood cutting boards.  Plus knifemaker Lloyd "Butch" Harner joined us at the booth all day Sunday and got to meet a lot of knife-curious show-goers and tell them all about the processes that go into handmaking custom knives.


Dedicated to producing the highest quality butcher blocks and cutting boards anywhere, The BoardSMITH only uses the highest quality, select grade hardwoods available. Never will you find a cheap substitute product like rubber tree wood.
Your safety and health is also a concern so only products that conform to FDA approval for food contact are used.
Should you have any questions about my butcher blocks or want an estimate for a special order size, please use the
contact form for a quick reply. I welcome the opportunity to earn your business and trust.

David Smith

The Chairman of the Boards




336 eight five eight 5615



Delbert Ealy is a full time maker of knives, Damascus and finished blades.  His knifemaking career started in 1986. Six months later, he saw his first damascus steel blade, which encouraged him to start making his own.  He started out making damascus steel by hand with a coal forge; by 1998 he had a gas forge and a 30-ton hydraulic press and began making damascus steel for sale.  He currently offers 19 different patterns, and adds several new patterns every year.  His damascus steel consists of mostly 01 - L6 and pure nickel.

In addition to knives and damascus, Mr. Ealy also produces beautiful mokume gane wedding bands and accent rings, and has been known to occasionally produce handmade damascus spoons, fish tongs and other kitchen-related implements.

Mr. Ealy lives in Indian River, Michigan with his wife and four girls.


Delbert Ealy
P.O Box 121
Indian River MI. 49749
Ph. (231) 238-4705








Welcome.  I’m Lloyd R. Harner, III but, everyone calls me “Butch”.   I’m the sole proprietor of Harner Knives and I wanted to share with you a little bit more about myself and how I began making knives. 

I was born in 1978 and raised near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the small town of Littlestown.  Most of my childhood days were spent taking things apart.  My mom always hoped that one day I would learn how to put them back together.  Eventually I did and maybe that is part of what brings me to where I’m at today. 

After graduating Littlestown High School in 1996, I was off to the Marine Corp.  This is where I learned a lot of life lessons and traveled all over the world.  This is also where I began my passion for knives and started a small collection. 

In 2000, I returned home and began working for my father.   My desire to have higher performance knives grew but, I couldn’t afford the price tag to go with them.  I began learning about custom knives and knife making then attempted to make my own.  It couldn’t be that hard right?  Using a Dremel style tool and sandpaper, I made my first knife.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but, I did it.  I kept working at it and experimenting with different techniques.  Eventually buying more tools and practicing with different shapes and styles.  In 2006, I decided to take the big leap and start my own business Harner Knives.  I began making custom knives full time.  I specialize in kitchen knives and straight razors but, I don’t think there is anything that I can’t make.  I’ve made all sorts of kitchen knives, Japanese style knives, straight razors, folders, k-bars, neckers, butterfly knives, a tuna sword, a dive knife and I even made a special pendant out of Mokume Gane for my fiancé.  I certainly love a challenge and push myself to improve and grow in all aspects of my life.

In 2010, I met my lovely fiancé and her two wonderful children.  My family means the world to me and I spend as much time with them as I can.  When I’m not making sharp objects I enjoy hiking, bike riding, pottery and my addiction of photography.

A new workshop is planned, allowing more space for better work flow.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me and visit my website www.harnerknives.com.


745 Kindig Rd

Littlestown PA 17340



My name is Randy Haas, I am the owner of HHH Knives, in Michigan.
I am a full time knife maker… Its my Passion and I thank God that he has blessed me to be able to make these beautiful, functional, working knives.

All the knives I make are designed and built to be used. Made tough and designed to last a lifetime, and to feel perfect in hand! I’m a knife user first, and a knife maker second. So the function of the tool is of the utmost importance…. And I am a perfectionist, continually striving to make ever knife better then the last! I use the highest standards and materials when making every HHH Knife. From the choice of steels and handle materials, to the fit and finish. My goal is to make every knife a very usable as well as extremely beautiful working art!

My knives are highly sought after and collected by many great folks from around the globe.

My oldest son Randy Jr. now age 21.. Has joined me working full time in the shop. He is forging damascus steel and blades. Keep a eye on this kid.. as he’s going places in the knife world. His passion and excitement for the steel has breathed a new life into the shop.

Most of the knives I make are customs… meaning that the customer has contacted me and, together we choose the different materials and styles of knife.  This is a very cool way to get a new knife! I mean, think about it…  YOU get to, pick the style of knife and also get to choose all the little details that make the knife YOURS! From the blade size and shape to the type of steel, to the materials used for the handle, guard and pins.  Creating a beautiful knife that has your personality and design aspects in every way!!  I ask ya, What knife lover/user wouldn’t want that?

Please feel free to contact me any time. I’m a real person, and strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and God Bless
Randy Haas, HHH Knives







Hand Crafted Custom Knives /// by Pierre Rodrigue /// Cable Damascus Sanmai Carbon Steel /// Rare Handle Materials

 Mr. Rodrigue successfully completed a course in construction surveying in Springdale in 1991.  With work not being as plentiful as he would like, he relocated to Surrey, British Columbia, in 1992 and worked for three years within the surveying field.  Next stop on his career move was a two year stint with Loomis Armored Car.  Finally he found his niche and returned to surveying in the area of Lloydminster, AB, in 1997 and is still there plying his trade.

But being an avid hunter and dealing with dull knives sparked an idea that would lead him down another career path.  “As far as the knives go, the first one I did was to see if I could make something better than what I had been using,” he said.  “I did some research, and asked a lot of questions, finally finding a person who is now a friend, and who also makes knives.  “I got a piece of steel from him, and designed, constructed my first knife blade, after the heat treating process, attached a handle, made a sheath, and put it to use that fall.”

After making his first knife, word started to spread quickly amongst his co-workers.  “I made maybe 15 in the first year. I had no idea the world of custom knives even existed,” he said.  “As a hobby, this was OK, but I wanted more. I had a website…I did a few pieces, and started to concentrate on custom designs.”  Mr. Rodrigue went on to learn different aspects of knife making from makers such as Ed Storch, Brian Lyttle, and other western Canadian knife makers, a new fascination in the finer art of Damascus and other finishes continues to inspire him.

Today Mr. Rodrigue handcrafts custom knives for people who want something truly original.  Rodrigue Knives are entirely handcrafted from forged high carbon steel cable, damascus patterns, sanmai finish.  Burls or exotic woods, Carbon Fiber or Micarta, mammoth ivory or mammoth tooth, elk antler and buffalo horn, handle materials.  Mr. Rodrigue is well known for his hunting, fillet, skinning, pocket, tactical, large folders, high end gentlemen's folders, and all types of kitchen knives — in both western and Japanese styles.  He has also begun restoring and rehandling vintage carving knives.



Lloydminster, AB, Canada

2103-52 Avenue Cl. T9V 2Z8

(780) 875-4625



Andrei "Marko" Tsourkan has been passionate about knives and cooking all his life.  In 2007 he started collecting high-performance kitchen knives made by Japanese artisans because they cut better than any knife he had used before.  But he soon discovered there was a room for improvement and began tweaking and customizing them.  He began fabricating beautiful and elegant replacement handles and hand-carved wood sayas, and thinning and hand sharpening the blades.

In October 2010 he spent two days with famed kitchen knife and Damascus maker Devin Thomas, and began to learn the craft of knifemaking.  The following month he started assembling his own workshop, and spent the following year improving his grinding and heat treating, and began offering knives for sale.

His knives have been influenced and inspired by work of Japanese and US craftsmen including Devin Thomas, Tokifusa Iizuka (Shigefusa), Bill Burke, Bob Kramer and others.  He strives to find a balance between aesthetic and utilitarian, and his knives are tools made to perform and to withstand rigors of professional kitchen.

In addition to knives, handles and sayas, he is also making magnetic wood strips and cutting boards, and is in the process of refining custom leather knife sheaths.





New York

please contact through web site form:  Contact Form




Steve Goodson’s interest in leather work began several years ago as a hobby.  After a 25-year career of selling cardiovascular surgical products, he realized that working with his hands to produce an item of use or beauty that would be a lasting treasure filled a void of gratification yet to be experienced in pursuing his career.

Years of woodworking gave him engineering ability and creativity that easily transferred to leather work design and implementation. Initially, small projects such as leather knife sheaths and book covers were goal-worthy, but it then progressed to gun holsters, tooling, and mastering more intricate detailed work.  In the course of making restaurant menu covers, a chef requested a design for a leather knife roll.  After several prototypes, Mr. Goodson developed a product that satisfied both the chef and met his own standards.

Marketing these unique, handcrafted knife rolls has proved to be satisfying.  Mr. Goodson is always in contact with interesting people from all parts of the world who are pleased to have found this innovative product that will not only protect their valued tools, but will also enhance their individual style and ease in developing their flare as culinary artists as well.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that he can testify that the quality of each chef knife roll is crafted with only the best materials available, made to meet the specific needs of every customer, and have all been well accepted and cherished by each recipient.



(832) 428-2389





To contact us:

Email: cinghiale at wildboarskitchen dot com