Few things in life evoke more memories and emotional responses then food.  One smell, one taste or one crunch is all it takes to transport us to back to our childhood or halfway across the world.  It can remind us of joyous events, or of difficult times that we overcame.  It can brighten our mood and it can bring us comfort.

At WildBoar's Kichen, we are heavily influenced by the traditional foods we grew up with, which we strive to improve on while remaining true to the classics.  We naturally gravitate to Italian, Italian-American, Eastern European and Central Asian cuisines, but Mrs. WildBoar makes sure we regularly explore other cuisines and flavors.  And she is also a fearless baker, tackling breads, scones, cookies and tarts.

WildBoar's Kitchen is a conduit for us to enjoy what we love and to share it with others, and to learn from others whenever we can.  We shamelessly ply unsuspecting restaurant pros with wine and liquor in order to get them to divulge their secrets.  And Mrs. WildBoar has a voracious appetite for cookbooks and cooking magazines, and a knack for selecting recipes that taste really good even though they sound, well, 'iffy'.

Our cooking style is typically simple/ rustic.  No fussy foods here!  We have tackled rustic Tuscan bread, gelati, cinghiale ragu, risottos and braised veal and lamb shanks.  We enjoy making fresh salsa and guacamole in the summertime.  Nothing difficult there -- simple, easy and delicious!  Mrs. Wilboar is the Soup Queen, regularly producing overflowing pots of oxtail, lintel and beet soups, and even the occasional pot of fish head soup (I know! -- that's exactly what I said the first time I saw her make a pot of it!  And whenever she has made it since!).

We have a nice list of foods we hope to bring to the public in the not-too-distant future, including the rustic Tuscan bread, scones, cookies, soups and tarts.  They are not meant to get people out of the kitchen, but instead are intended to encourage you to get back in the kitchen and enjoy creating wonderful meals for -- and with -- your family and friends.

In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures below.  They capture some of the nice dishes we have prepared, and we hope they provide you with some inspiration.

Heaven! (Greve in Chianti)

Ah, the possibilities are unlimited!

Mmm, herb-crusted rib roast

Osso Buco in the making

Pork Genevese - that is 7 lbs of onions in the metal bowl

Smelts (yes, they did!)

Sunday spaghetti sauce -- kicked up a bit from the sauces of my youth

Leftovers from a Pizza Night

Pickled tomatoes

Salt & pepper biscotti getting ready for second trip to oven

Dualing cured salmons

Red snapper trying to hide in a crust of salt. But Mrs. WildBoar found you, didn't she?!

Yeah, I warned you about the fish head soup earlier, didn't I?



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